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BE SADDLED WITH: burdened with someone or something

April 12, 2012

Might as well go for broke, cause that’s what we are anyway. America in general that is. At least that’s what my roommate Scott believes. He also thinks that our burdens will enlighten us. Does returning back home constitute as failure?

We got 45 dollars to spend at the grocery store and Scott is filling the cart like a lotto winner. When I tell him to put things back, that we’ll never make it, he just smiles and says we’ll make it. As I start to explain simple math to him, he argues that the worst that could happen is returning a couple of items back to the aisles. So we’re at the check out counter, and lo and behold, we’re over the limit. We return food, though; the cashier feels sorry for us and lets us keep the ground beef.

We were supposed to have a little money left over for gas. The car is on empty and he needs to make it to a job fair the next day. I tell him to return some groceries and use the money for gas. After careful reconsideration, I try to talk him out of taking the food back because I’m hungry. Especially the shredded cheese, it’s very versatile because you can put it on anything. Also, I don’t believe he can land a job. We compromise and he picks the most expensive things to return, but there’s a problem. The milk is half drank by now. Simple solution: fill the milk back up with water, tell the store he tasted it, and complain that it went bad (spoiled) before purchase. Kids, please try this at home.

Scott has an interview with a tea store in the mall. I quiz him on types of tea. He thinks Earl Grey Tea is Mr. T’s brother. Maybe he can get me a job there too.


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One Comment
  1. lizfruitberry permalink

    Well, think he has it right we are broke, at least I am anyway! Good Post! Ha Ha you might want to quiz him more on the tea…:)

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